29 May 2007 

Context-Sensitive Intelligence – Towards less Anticipated Adaptivity
Armin B. Cremers
Computer Science Department,University of Bonn, Germany


Ambient Intelligence is one of the most prominent current research challenges. Today's context-aware applications are specifically designed to adapt some of their functionality when the user context changes. The attention the new Apple iPhone gains shows exemplarily the extent to which context-awareness is appreciated. Nevertheless, we believe that only a small part of the potential of mobile computing is currently being exploited, i.e. primarily those adaptations that can be anticipated and built into the applications. The potential functional adaptations which can not be predicted in detail are legion. Typically, location-based adaptation scenarios can not be anticipated by the developers of tools like mail clients or other document managing software. In the course of our project Context-Sensitive Intelligence (CSI) we target a software development framework, which allows for later adaptation without detailed anticipation. We suggest a Service-Oriented Architecture as foundation and apply runtime Aspect-Weaving to realize the software adaptations. Our approach contributes to decoupling the development of applications and context-awareness.

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