30 March 2009
Qualitative Spatial Representation and ReasoningA cognitive approach

Christian Freksa
SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition -- Reasoning, Action, InteractionUniversity of Bremen, Germany

Humans (or other natural cognitive agents) and certain technical systems are much better at comparing perceptions than at providing absolute judgments. Qualitative representation methods exploit this fact in order to preserve high-quality perceptual knowledge. In my talk I will use spatial relations and spatial perception to illustrate the use of qualitative representations and some of their properties. I will introduce the notion of 'conceptual neighborhood' of qualitative relations and I will show how we can reason with qualitative relations. I will illustrate how 'coarse relations' overcome problems of disjunctive reasoning and I will present a variety of different qualitative calculi that specialize on different spatial relations. Finally, I will present SparQ, a toolbox for spatial reasoning and a real-world application of qualitative spatial reasoning

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