Journal Papers

Technical Report

  • Shabtai, A., Fledel, Y., Kanonov, U., Elovici, Y., Dolev, S., “Google Android: A State-of-the-Art Review of Security Mechanisms”, CoRR abs/0912.5101, 2009

  • Chekina, L., Mimran, D., Rokach, L., Elovici, Y., Shapira, B., "Detection of Deviations in Mobile Applications Network Behavior", arXiv:1208.0564

Conference Papers


  • Collaborative System for Protecting Against the Propagation of Malware in a Network
    Altshuler, Y., Elovici, Y., Dolev, S., Shabtai, A., Fledel Y.
    US Patent App. 12/941,199, 2010

Malicious Android apps (source code) used in the research:

  1. TipCalculator (DoS)
  2. HttpPost (data leakage)
  3. LunarLander and ScheduleSMS (data leakage)
  4. Snake (data leakage)
  5. JavaVirus and AndroidVirus (virus injection)

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