Journal Papers 2008

not_active_pdf Michael Elhadad, Mira Balaban, Arnon Sturm, "Effective Business Process Outsourcing: The Prosero Approach", International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems, Volume 3 (1), 2008
active_pdf Oliver Schreer, Roman Englert, Peter Eisert, Ralf Tanger, "Real-Time Vision and Speech Driven Avatars for Multimedia Applications", Journal of Transcriptions of Multimedia, Volume 10 (3), 352 – 361, April 2008
active_pdf Lior Rokach, "An Evolutionary Algorithm for Constructing a Decision Forest: Combining the Classification of Disjoints Decision Trees", International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Volume 23 (4), 455-482, April 2008
active_pdf Peretz Shoval, Veronica Maidel, Bracha Shapira, "An Ontology Content Based Filtering Method", International Journal of Information Theories and Applications, Volume 15 (4), 303-318, 2008
active_pdf Robert Moskovitch, Lior Rokach, Yuval Elovici, "Detection of Unknown Computer Worms based on Behavioral Classification of the Host", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Volume 52 (9), 4544-4566, May 2008
active_pdf Lior Rokach, "Genetic Algorithm-Based Feature Set Partitioning for Classification Problems", Pattern Recognition, Volume 41 (5), 1693-1717, May 2008
active_pdf Fan Yang, Joseph Culberson, Robert C. Holte, Uzi Zahavi, Ariel Felner, "A General Theory of Additive State Space Abstractions", Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), Volume 32, 631-662, May 2008
active_pdf Lior Rokach, Lihi Naamani, Armin Shmilovici, "Pessimistic Cost-Sensitive Active Learning of Decision Trees", Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Volume 17 (2), 283 - 316 , October 2008

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