Journal Papers 2012

active_pdf Jenny Abramov, Omer Anson, Arnon Strum, and Peretz Shoval, “Tool Support for Enforcing Security Policies on Databases”, in IS Olympics: Information Systems in a Diverse World, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 107, 126-141, 2012.
active_pdf Asaf Shabtai, Uri Kanonov, Yuval Elovici, Chanan Glezer, Yael Weiss, "Andromaly: A Behavioral Malware Detection Framework for Android Devices”, in Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Volume 38, 161-190, Janurary 2012.
active_pdf Asaf Shabtai, Robert Moskovitch, Clint Feher, Shlomi Dolev, and Yuval Elovici, “Detecting Unkown Malicious Code by Applying Classification Techniques on OPCODEs Patterns”, in Security Informatics, 1(1), 1-22, Feburary, 2012.
active_pdf Ohad Inbar, Noam Tractinsky, "Lowering the line of visibility: Incidental users in service encounters", in Behaviour and Information Technology, Volume 31 (3), 245-260, March, 2012.
active_pdf Sigal Berman, Helman Stern, "Sensors for Gesture Recognition Systems", in Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics--Part C: Applications and Review, Volume 42 (3), 277-290, May, 2012.
active_pdf E. Shmueli, T. Tassa, R. Wasserstein, B. Shapira, and L. Rokach,” Limiting disclosure of sensitive data in sequential releases of databases” in Information Sciences, Volume 191, 98-127, May, 2012.
not_active_pdf Harel, A., Shabtai, A., Rokach, L., Elovici, Y., “M-score: A Misuseability Weight Measure” , in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, Volume 9 (3), 414-428, May/June, 2012.
active_pdf Jenny Abramov, Omer Anson, Michal Dahan, Peretz Shoval, Arnon Sturm, “A Methodology for Integrating Authorization into Database Schema Development”, in Computers & Security,  Volume 31 (3), 299-314, May, 2012.
active_pdf Lior Rokach and Alon Shclar, "k-anonymised reducts", in International Journal of Granular Computer, Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems, Volume 2 (3), 196-210, 2012.
 active_pdf Dolev, Shlomi and Marina Kopeetsky, "Anonymous Transactions in Computer Networks", in ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, Volume 7 (2), pages 26:1-26:14, July, 2012.
active_pdf Chekina, L., Kontorovich, A., Gutfreund, D., Rokach, L. and Shapira, B. (2012). "Exploiting label dependencies for improved sample complexity", in Machine Learning, 1-42, August, 2012.
active_pdf Shabtai, A., Shahar, Y., Elovici, Y., "A Distributed Architecture for Efficient Parallelization and Computeration of KNowledge-Based Temporal Abstractions", in Intelligent Information Systems, Volume 39 (1), 249-286, August, 2012.
active_pdf Jenny Abramov, Peretz Shoval, Arnon Sturm, “Evaluation of the Pattern-based Approach for Secure Database Design: a Controlled Experiment”, in Information and Software Technology,  Volume 54(9), 1029-1043, September, 2012.
active_pdf Azzam Maraee and Mira Balaban, "Inter-Association Constraints in UML2: Comparative Analysis, Usage Recommendations, and Modeling Guidelines", in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7590, 302-318, Sept/Oct, 2012.
active_pdf Feher, C., Elovici, Y., Moskovitch, R., Rokach, L., Schclar, A., “User Identity Verification via Mouse Dynamics”, in Information Sciences, Volume 201, 19-36, October, 2012.
 active_pdf Nir Nissim, Robert Moskovitch, Lior Rokach, and Yuval Elovici, "Detecing unknown computer worm activity via support vector machines and active learning", in Pattern Analysis and Applications, Volume 15 (4), 459-475, November, 2012.
not_active_pdf Talya Porat, Noam Tractinsky,"It's a Pleasure Buying Here", in Computer-Human Interaction, Volume 27 (3), 235-276, 2012.

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