Journal Papers 2013

no_active_pdf Y. Altshuler, S. Bekhor, Y. Elovici, A. Pentland, R. Puzis, Y. Shiftan, "Augmented betweenness centrality for environmentally-aware traffic monitoring in transportation networks". Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. 17(1), 91-105 (January 2013).
 no_active_pdf Y. Elovici, L. Rokach, Y. Weiss, "The CASH algorithm-cost-sensitive attribute selection using histograms". Information Sciences. 222, 247-268 (February 2013).
 no_active_pdf S. Freilikhman, L. Rokach, B. Shapira, "Facebook single and cross domain data for recommendation systems". User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction. 23(2-3), 211-247 (April 2013).
 no_active_pdf Y. Elovici, E. Menahem, L. Rokach, A. Schclar, "Securing your transactions: detecting anomalous patterns In XML documents". Computing Research Repository.(June 2013).
 no_active_pdf S. Berman, D. Frolova, H. Stern, "Most probable longest common subsequence for recognition of gesture character input". IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 43(3), 871-880 (June 2013).
 no_active_pdf Y. Altshuler, A. Bruckstein, Y. Elovici, M. Fire, D. Lazer, A. Pentland, E. Shmueli, "The social amplifier – reaction of human communities to emergencies". Journal of Statistical Physics. 152(3), 399-418 (August 2013).
no_active_pdf Z. Bnaya, A. Felner, R. Puzis, R. Stern, "Social Network Search as a Volatile Multi-armed Bandit Problem". ASE Human Journal, Vol. 2 (2), 84 - 98 (2013).
no_active_pdf Mordehai Guri, Gabi Kedma, Tom Sela, Buky Carmeli, Amit Rosner, Yuval Elovici, "Noninvasive Detection of Anti-Forensic Malware". Malware, 1-10, IEEE (October 2013).
no_active_pdf Y. Elovici, M. Fire, A. Herzberg, H. Schulman, "Ethical Considerations when Employing Fake Identities in Online Social Networks for Research". Springer Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics (November, 2013).
no_active_pdf H. Stern, M. Shmueli, S. Berman, "Most Discriminating Segment - Longest Common Subsequence (MDSLCS) Algorithm for Dynamic Hand Gesture Classification". Pattern Recognition Letters (Special issue on 'Smart Approaches for Human Action Recognition’), 34(15), 1980-1989 (November 2013).
no_active_pdf Y. Elovici, M. Fire, O. Lesser, R. Puzis, L. Rokach, L. Tenenboim-Chekina, "Computationally efficient link prediction in variety of social networks". ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) - Special Section on Intelligent Mobile Knowledge Discovery and Management Systems and Special Issue on Social Web Mining, Vol. 5 (1) (December 2013).

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