Journal Papers 2016

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Dolev S, Goldfeld J, Puzis R, Venkateswarlu K. M. (2016) "Efficient online detection of temporal patterns". Computer Science

active pdf Menachem, E., Rokach., L., Schclar. A., Elovici, Y., "XML-AD: Detecting Anomalous Patterns in XML Documents", Information Sciences, 326, 2015, 71-88
active pdf Nissim, N., Cohen, A., Moskovitch, R., Shabtai, A., Edry, M., Bar-Ad, O., Elovici, Y., “Keeping pace with the Creation of New Malicious PDF Files Using Active-Learning Based Detection Framework”, Security Informatics.
active pdf Unger, Moshe, et al. "Towards latent context-aware recommendation systems." Knowledge-Based Systems, 104 (2016): 165-178.
active pdf Shabtai, A., Berkovitch, M., Rokach, L., Elovici, Y., Shmueli, E., Gal, K., “Behavioral Study of Users when Interacting with Active Honeytokens”, ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security.
active pdf Nir Ofek , Soujanya Poria, Lior Rokach, Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain, Asaf Shabtai. Unsupervised Commonsense Knowledge Enrichment for Domain-Specific Sentiment Analysis. Cognitive Computation. June 2016, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 467-477.

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